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Adventure camp

In the foothills of Pirin Mountain
Adventure net

Adventures and smiles at the foothills of Pirin Mountain

The latest and most exciting children’s adventure programme from Adventurer Net.

Games and puzzles, treasures, traditions and customs, narrow-gauge railway, adventure park and rope garden, horse riding and rafting, and many other surprises combined in an interesting and exciting week in the nature of the Pirin Mountains.

Upcoming date: 08.07.2024 – 12.07.2024, 22.07.2024 – 26.07.2024, 05.08.2024 – 09.08.2024, 19.08.2024 – 23.08.2024

price: 680 BGN / child

Day 1. Introduction to horse riding and games to the fullest, rope park

9:00 am. Departure from Sofia and arrival in the village of Bachevo, visit to the horse base and introduction to horse riding. Lunch. Rope park. In the evening – accommodation in a guest house.

Dinner and exploration games. Overnight.

Day 2. Adventure game, scouting half day

8:00 am. Getting up, morning exercise and breakfast. Scouts day, mountain safety, bivouac stretching and introduction to basic scouting techniques. Lunch.

Preparation and hike with mountain orientation, solving riddles and collecting puzzle pieces. Finding treasure.

Dinner and campfire, overnight.

Day 3. Immersion in local traditions and customs

8:00 am. Getting up, morning exercise and breakfast.

During this day we will be transported to the traditions and customs of a time. We will visit Grandma Deshka’s house, make our own souvenirs and help prepare a delicious lunch. We’ll stomp a horce, then visit a warm mineral pool.

Dinner and overnight.

Day 4. Adventure to the max!

8:00 am. Getting up, morning exercise and breakfast. We have an interesting and adventurous day ahead of us:) We take the narrow-gauge railway to the village of Belitsa to the park with the bears:) Lecture and walk in the park. Picnic lunch. In the afternoon we will bet on the adrenaline, we will ride a speed train and try all the elements of Rila Fun Park.

In the evening we will take a walk in the old centre of the picturesque town of Bansko, where we will visit the main sights and curiosities of the town.

Dinner. Talent evening and party. Overnight.

Day 5. children rafting

8:00 am. Getting up, morning exercise and breakfast.

Gather luggage and depart for rafting Camp Adventure net. Children rafting on the Struma river.

Lunch. Departure to Sofia.

Experience the incredible adventure

Additional information

What is necessary?

Need to carry:

* Препоръчваме багажа да е в туристическа раница. Желателно е да имат и малка раничка по време на заниманията в която да си носят вода и резервни дрехи при преходите.

*При записване на дете в лагер, родителят/настойник потвърждава, че е запознат с програмата
– Декларира желанието си детето му да участва в заниманията и е съгласен с условията и дейностите организирани от Адвенчър Груп;
– Декларира съгласието си личните данни, които предоставя да бъдат обработвани от “Адвенчър Груп” ЕООД;
– Информира за здравен статус и специфични нужди на детето


680 bgn / child

adventure net

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