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Kayaking on the Struma River

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What is a kayaking in fast waters with an inflatable kayak?

For kayaking in fast water with an inflatable kayak we could say that it is quite "gentle" compared to standard plastic kayaks for fast water. An inflatable kayak is easier to handle for beginners or people with little experience. The good thing here is that a collision with a rock or stone will be cushioned.

At the same time, the adrenaline rush in quite a bit more because you are on the front line constantly and in close proximity to the water. By comparison in rafting the boat takes a higher position. When kayaking on the river. Struma we use a two-seater inflatable kayak Gumotex, and on the second place a professional guide descends with you. All the time your guide gives instructions and explains what is the best line to take through the rapids. The course also has relaxed sections so you'll have a chance to debrief how you're doing, ask any questions you're wondering or just catch your breath before the next rapid.
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Who is the programme suitable for?

Kayaking down the r. Struma is suitable for people who have experience with water sports. For example, if you have already tried rafting - we recommend to try kayaking.
We would also be happy to recommend it to people who are into extreme sports other than rafting and kayaking.
During the summer months, kayaking is also suitable for absolute beginners.
No specific physical training is required.

Difficulty of the Struma River Route

The kayak descent route along the river is 12km long - the most optimal route possible, which passes through the most beautiful rapids.

The main course is class 3 on the IRF's International Six Point Difficulty Scale. There is also an easy class 2 course on the International Six Point Difficulty Scale, which is done at high water or by special request.

Safety is our priority when choosing a route.

По-долу ще откриете списък с необходимите неща:

Additional options

Recommended clothing

The necessary clothing for kayaking is a swimsuit. Neoprene will be provided. For comfort bring: towel and flip flops.

When and how does it take place?

Kayaking descents are organized every day from the end of m. March to m. November. You can choose the start time for your adventure – Saturday and Sunday hours are fixed at 10am, 1pm and 4pm respectively.

For booking you can contact us in a convenient way – phone, e-mail, Facebook, on the spot in our office in Sofia.

How the Kayaking on the Struma River programme works

We will expect you about 15 minutes before the start time. We will show you our facilities and you will have the opportunity for a short break. Equipment, briefing and training, actual running will follow.

The entire program is about 3 hours long, with the actual time in the water being about 1.5 hours.


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