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Rafting on Arda River

An adventure full of a lot of emotion and good mood!
The descent takes place in the upper part of the Arda River

Rafting on Arda River

The descent takes place in the upper part of Arda, in the section between the water-electric cascade "Byal Izvor" and the Kardzhali dam. In this area, the river passes through a unique gorge, in which movement is extremely difficult without a kayak or raft.

During the descent you will enjoy:

Prices and conditions

Price on request (the program is for a group of at least 4 people)

Price include:

Descent can be expedition style. We pack all the equipment, clothes and food necessary for the descent in waterproof bags that we carry with us.

The food we need during the trip can be purchased together before departure.

Additional options

You will receive:

adventure net


Main route class 3 on the International six-point scale of difficulty; easy course class 2 on the International Six-Point Scale of Difficulty and is done at high water level or by special request. Safety is our priority when choosing a route.

The Arda rafting route includes a variety of sections with varying levels of difficulty and incredible views. Our instructors will guide you through the most interesting parts of the river.

Who is the program suitable for?

The program is suitable for both experienced paddlers and rafters as well as beginners. For those with experience, the Arda River will provide an opportunity to explore a different river and gain a varied experience. The river is not just for adrenaline seekers. It provides incredible views and natural beauty. During the rafting descent, you will immerse yourself in the landscape and the magic of the forests and natural wealth.

For seekers of strong sensations

For those looking for adrenaline and extreme emotions, rafting on Arda offers a different experience. In its sections, the river offers a variety of sensations: strong water currents, waves and calm currents that guarantee suitable levels of difficulty for everyone. The boat drivers will guide you through all the challenges for maximum enjoyment.

For groups and teambuilding events

Planning a group adventure? We offer special packages for groups. Our instructors take care of your group and provide you with an unforgettable experience. Pre-booking of the rafting period is mandatory, so contact us and reserve your date now.

Tourists and nature lovers

Rafting the Arda is not just a river rafting adventure. This region of Bulgaria offers unique opportunities for touring and sightseeing. From staying in local guest houses to exploring attractions and historical sites in the nearby region. We guarantee you an interesting program full of emotions and memories.

For friends and families

Rafting on Arda is ideal for families, even with children. The rapids are suitable for people of all levels of experience and the instructors take care of your safety. Even children can join the adventure and enjoy the fun in the river. All measures for your safety are guaranteed.

Years experience

Licensed guides

International Rafting Federation certified instructors and trip leaders for rapid water rafting operators

Transport provided

At the very end of the rafting course, transport provided by us for all participants awaits you without unnecessary waiting

Own base

For your stay during the holidays we have provided tents, mats and sleeping bags.

Rafting equipment

Professional rafting gear - provided clean, disinfected and dry before entering the waters of the Arda River

Why Adventure Net

Why choose Arda rafting with Adventure Net?

When you choose Adventure Net for your Arda rafting adventure, you get professional and experienced boat drivers ready to make your adventure safe and unforgettable. We provide you with the best equipment and support to ensure your safety and fun.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have answers to frequently asked questions from our customers. Find booking information, timings and other important details about the Arda adventure.

For river rafting, we recommend wearing light and quick-drying clothes or a swimsuit, sunscreen and dry clothes to change into after the descent. Helmet, vest, water shoes and everything else including necessary equipment will be provided by us.

Rafting on the Arda river is suitable for people of different age groups and physical fitness. Our guides are experienced and take care of the safety of all participants. Children can join the rafting as long as they meet the minimum age limit, which is usually 10 years.

Arda rafting adventure booking can be done from this page via the Book button or by contacting our team directly. Advance booking is recommended, especially if you are planning a group adventure. You’ll get availability information, date options and tips.

The duration of the Arda adventure may vary depending on the route and current river conditions. Usually the descent can last between 2 and 4 hours.

Suitable season

The best time for rafting on the Arda River is early spring. Then the river is at its strongest and suitable for the planned adventure.

During the descent you will enjoy:

If you think this experience is right for you, be sure to sign up now!

Meet our instructors

Our team of instructors and paddlers are experienced professionals with a passion for rafting and nature. Get to know them and find out how they provide you with an amazing experience.


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