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Skiing on the Rila Lakes

Ski and snowboard lessons on the slopes at Rila Lakes
Rila lakes

Ski and snowboard Rila Lakes

Adventure Net Rilski Lakes Ski School is a licensed member of the Bulgarian Ski School Association and has qualified ski and snowboard instructors. Every weekend and during the week the school organizes skiing and snowboarding lessons at different levels, according to your abilities, with full ski and snowboard equipment and accessories at completely affordable prices. Thanks to the school's instructors, young and old have the opportunity to experience unforgettable moments skiing and snowboarding on amazing places on the mountain.

Useful information

Ski / Snowboard Training

Working time: from 9:00 to 16:30
* weekdays by prior arrangement.
LessonPrice (per person for 60 min. lesson)
Individual lesson60 BGN
Group lesson 2-4 people55 BGN
Group lesson over 4 people50 BGN
*Discounts for groups and more hours!
*Prices are per person in BGN and do not include lift pass and equipment.
Experience the incredible adventure


We are at your disposal every weekend and during the week /by prior request/, near the lower station of the Rila Lakes lift. The wardrobe has a wide variety of ski and snowboard equipment. You can rent snowshoes - sizes are available for people of different weights to make your walk in the mountains more enjoyable and fun.
Skis, shoes and cheeks20 BGN/dayCheeks5 BGN
Snowboard and shoes20 BGN/daySnowshoes15 BGN
Ski15 BGNShaynee5 BGN
Snowboard10 BGNHelmet5 BGN
Ski/Snowboard Shoes10 BGNRiding mask5 BGN

Equipment storage

You can find us next to the ticket office at the starting station of the Rila Lakes lift.

Opening hours: every day from 9:00h to 16:30h, on weekdays on prior request.

Lift – working hours and prices

Every day: 9.00 – 16.30ч.
Ongoing technical maintenance every Monday until noon and every last Monday of the month - all day.
Phone number for contact with the lift cashier:0884 163 479
Types of tickets/cardsPricePrice for children, pensioners and disabled
One-way ticket15 BGN10 BGN
Two-way ticket25 BGN15 BGN
Half-day card/winter season30 BGN20 BGN
One-day card/winter season45 BGN30 BGN
Two-day card/winter season70 BGN45 BGN
Three-day card/winter season90 BGN60 BGN
Four-day card/winter season120 BGN70 BGN
Five-day card/winter season140 BGN80 BGN
Six-day card/winter season160 BGN100 BGN
Seven-day card/winter season180 BGN120 BGN
Half-day lift card/winter season25 BGN20 BGN
All-day lift card/winter season30 BGN25 BGN

Prices are in BGN and include VAT.

Bike card – 40.00 BGN.

Cargo – BGN 40.00 /in direction/

For additional luggage outside backpack (1pc.) – 10.00 BGN. /in direction/

Note: Children up to 5 years use the lift facility free of charge.

Reductions in ticket/card price enjoy:

Children – from 5 years to 12 years of age upon presentation of a document certifying the child’s age.
Pensioners/disabled persons – Certificate/Retirement Decision from the National Social Insurance Institution; Decision from the TELK.

The price of the ticket/card includes insurance “Accident of passengers in public transport”.

The one-way/two-way ticket for the passenger cableway can be used in one/two direction(s) on the same day or on separate days within 7 days from the date of purchase.

In the event of an emergency shutdown of the facility for reasons beyond the control of the company, such as adverse weather conditions, power outages, etc., the amount of purchased passes and tickets will not be refunded.

Tickets/Passes are individual. They are not assignable or resaleable. In case of violation, the ticket/card will be confiscated.

By purchasing a ticket/card you agree to the Rilski Jezera Passenger Guidelines set out above. In the event that you do not agree or do not wish to be bound by them, you should not purchase a ticket.

adventure net

Why choose us

We welcome you with a smile and send you off with great satisfaction from what you have learned and experienced. You can sign up for one-on-one instruction, a small group, or embark on the adventure in a group class.
We offer accommodation in "Rila Lakes" hut.

Frequently Asked Questions

Would you like to learn more about the conditions for participation in the Rila Lakes Ski School? Take a look at the frequently asked questions and find the answers you are looking for.

Reservations can be made online from this page, by phone or at the ski school.

We have no requirements for a prior level of skiing. Our instructors are experienced in working with beginners, toddlers and intermediates. Regardless of your experience, you will find the right lessons for you. No prior physical training is required!

If you have your own equipment that is suitable for you you can of course use it. If you don’t have skis, ski boots, poles and a helmet, you can rent one from our ski wardrobe. We can also assist with outfitting you with a goggle, jacket, gloves, mask, helmet.

The duration of ski lessons depends on your choice. A typical lesson is 1 hour, but can be adapted to your needs. Group lessons also usually last around 1-2 hours. Your instructors will guide you, teach you and provide valuable tips to advance your skiing skills.

When booking a ski/snowboard lesson, it includes instruction with an instructor. If equipment, extra equipment, lift card is needed you need to inform us additionally.

Your instructor will be waiting for you in the Advencher Net ski resort next to the ticket office at the Rilski jezera lift station.

We recommend preparing the day before so you don’t rush in the morning. Depending on where you will be staying overnight you should allow more time if you are driving.

If you are a beginner you do not need to buy a card. The lesson will be held on the plaza in front of the locker room and you can use the escalator type walkway for free.

Accident insurance is not included in the lesson price. You only have one when you purchase a lift pass.

  • Eye protection – sunglasses or ski goggles
  • Nice and warm gloves
  • Good socks – a well-fitting pair of wool or synthetic wool socks, not too thick.
  • Waterproof jackets and trousers will keep you warmer and more comfortable.
  • Water – it’s important to stay hydrated at the high and dry altitude.
  • Food – something small that will fit in your pocket to keep your energy up.
  • Sunscreen – the sun’s rays and their reflection off the snow are very strong at this altitude.

We require a minimum of 6 years for group lessons and a minimum of 3 years for individual lessons.

We give you our barn in the best possible condition and expect you to take care of it. If by any chance you damage or lose it, we will expect you to reimburse us for the value of the loss or damage.

You can change and cancel your reservation up to 3 days before the start date. After this period, changes are not possible, and cancellations and no-shows are subject to the full amount and no refund of the deposit.

Of course you can replace the rented equipment at any time. Please note that when booking a lesson to change it is necessary to contact us in advance to arrange a teacher.

If you think this experience is right for you, be sure to book now!

Rila lakes

Ski area map

The terrain in the area of Rila Lakes is one of the most unpretentious terrains for skiing and snowboarding. This makes it ideal for complete beginners and intermediates. Here you will not find artificial snow, fast lifts and a variety of slopes. Instead, you'll be able to enjoy the quiet, vast and peaceful slopes for enjoyment or ski lessons and stunning panoramas.

Rila Lakes offers several ski slopes where you can combine snow sports, the beauty of the mountains and training and fun opportunities for all levels of skiers and snowboarders.
Rila lakes

Difficulty level

For beginners

If you’re new to skiing or snowboarding, don’t worry. The resort offers terrain suitable for learning with an escalator-type trail for beginners and children, and our instructors are available for lessons.

Medium level

For intermediate skiers and snowboarders, there is a bowl run and ski road to the chalet that provide a challenge and fun.

for advanced

Attractive and challenging areas for free ride.

Contact us for more information.

rila lakes

Livestream from Rila Lakes ski area

Meet our instructors


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