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Adventure teambuilding

Programme in various formats

Experience an amazing combination of outdoor adventures!

Adventure Teambuilding can design a programme in a variety of formats to suit your specific requirements.


Additional information

Want to know more about the programme and the conditions? Take a look at the frequently asked questions and find the answers you are looking for.

Or what do we combine to call a teambuilding adventure?

  • The most common condition is that the activities are outdoors. Of course we have held this type of team building in a sports hall, indoor arena, so we do not exclude the option of indoors or a combination;
  • We include different active elements. We try to include activities that are suitable for every age such as: appropriate team building games, orienteering, archery, darts type games or ball games,
  • Challenges such as: ATV, horse trekking, kayaking, visiting caves, rope elements and rock climbing, cycling are very suitable for this type of program. The challenges are open to all participants or only certain “selected” representatives of the team(s).
  • Solving logical problems and overall linking of elements. The adventure follows a set scenario, with teams having to strategize, make decisions and inject a dose of imagination in certain cases.

To give a clearer picture, here are some of the programs we have developed and successfully implemented with our clients and partners.

Sea/Lake/River Challenge

Organized near a body of water – sea, lake, river, depending on the specific location and terrain, we may have boating, surfing exercises and races, kayaks, inflatable boats included. If you would like to include a theme (Pirate, Lake Monsters, Mermaids and Sea Dwellers, etc.) for more fun – we would be happy to implement to the program J

Rafting Teambuilding

Rafting descent with orienteering on a map and finding various elements. In this case each team has its own boat, with a professional rafting instructor. Instruction and short training are included, which are done in game form.

Suitable seasons for the proposed programmes are spring, summer and autumn. As for sea adventures, most people consider summer to be the most suitable. We would recommend late spring – late May or early June as well as September.

Based on the experience we have, we could say that there are interesting and suitable places for organizing adventure team building all over Bulgaria. In this regard, we will point out some of our favourite places for adventures, and you can read more in the article “How to choose the place for our teambuilding or corporate event”.

And here are some of the venues:

  • Bansko and the area
  • Borovets
  • Kresna Gorge and the river. Struma – suitable place for rafting in Bulgaria
  • Kardzhali and surroundings with dams
  • Sueva Dupka – nearby there is a possibility to realize the via ferrata
  • Dams: Iskar, Pchelina, Batak, Dospat, Kardzhali, Beglika, .
  • Varna, Albena, Balchik, Kavarna, Nessebar, Sozopol, Primorsko, Lozenets, Sinemorets
  • Iskar River and Iskar Gorge – the area is suitable for rafting, rock climbing, entering caves.
  • Trigrad and Trigrad Gorge
  • Destinations outside Bulgaria – suitable for rafting adventure are the Tara River in Bosnia and some rivers in Greece.

Of course we will be happy to discuss what the possibilities are for each place you have chosen. Or describe to us what you imagine so we can give the best suggestion.

In terms of duration, adventure team building can be from about an hour and a half to a full day. It entirely depends on your organization’s plans and budget. For example, if you have a training to which you wish to add an adventure element – then a programme of an hour and a half would be suitable. If you would like a longer programme, it can be done in several modules, with a break for lunch. Another option is to have a surprise lunch at the end.

We also offer the option of an evening short program where each team will relive the emotions of the past day in a fun way.

There is no limit to the number of participants. We can prepare programs for a large event (500 people, for example) or for compact groups of about 10 people.

For our adventure team building programs you do not need to have any prior preparation. When the program is finalized, we will take care to send you information about appropriate clothing – according to the season, as well as necessary “teambuilding equipment”.

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