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Survivor teambuilding

A few days adventure from Adventurer Net
Exciting and original with Adventurer Net

A real challenge for a few days in nature for your team!

Survivor Teambuilding is a project developed by our team as an adventure within a few days.
Discover your next adventure and make it memorable!

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Additional information

Want to know more about the programme and the conditions? Take a look at the frequently asked questions and find the answers you are looking for.
  • A real challenge for a few days in nature for your team. If you don’t have that much time – it’s important to have at least one overnight.
  • Prepare a scenario for the whole event with surprise events. All the time teams go through different challenges that are tied to finding food, preparing a place to stay, strategies and games to win different amenities.
  • Elements such as ATVs, jeeps, boats, and horse-drawn carriage rides may also be included during the program.
  • The event requires togetherness and teamwork from the participants. In certain situations, everyone will need to show courage, responsibility, overcoming and building personal qualities that the participants never knew they possessed. And the many challenges are a serious test of employees’ motivation and success in practice.

The programme can be organised throughout the year. Depending on the specific season, the scenario will also be prepared accordingly.

Winter and the cooler and rainier weather in autumn and spring could present additional challenges for participants, and with appropriate preparation could become highlights of the programme.

Suitable locations would be those with a campsite or a suitable place to set up camp. It is also possible to choose a programme in a mountainous area with an overnight stay in a lodge.

In summer and early autumn we would also recommend the sea as a very good location.

It is also possible to have the project as an Eco Survivor, so that it takes place in an area where some of the challenges are eco-oriented.

For the Survivor Project, we believe that at least one overnight stay is necessary to be able to meet the goals set for this program.

Of course, if this is not possible – we will make a plan for a shorter program.

There is no limit to the number of participants. This program would be extremely suitable for team building events for managers, as the project may require bold decisions, collective will to succeed and strong team motivation to bring the set tasks to success.

Depending on the scenario developed, we will prepare a list of necessary clothing, shoes and other equipment for each participant.

Feel free to ask us for further information on this project, we have the ability to make the “survival” tasks vary in difficulty so that the scenario is appropriate for your team.

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