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The Nature reserve and dam with the same name are great places for rest and various activities far from the big cities. Golyam Beglik is at 1525 m altitude, in the central parts of Rhodope Mountains. There are several other dams close to Golyam Beglik, a lot of protected areas, and variety of wild animals. You will enjoy the combination between mystical morning dusts and the smell of old pine forests… Price: 189 BGN per person, for groups of minimum 5 people The price includes: - transport from/to Sofia - camping equipment –

Adventures with boats, rafting, kayaks, rope park, climbing wall, trekking, bow shooting, table tennis, jumping from waterfalls, bathing in mineral water spa pools. We will setup tent camps and have lectures in first aid, interesting discussions. We visit quaint and interesting villages around us and learn about sustainability projects like preserving the local predator populations. You will see domesticated wolfs and bears and see how people preserve rare dog, horse and sheep breeds from the region and get to play with them in village of Vlahi.Accommodation: The kids will

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