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Rafting children's camp

Waiting for the summer holidays with many different adventures
Adventure net

Camps for children every week of the summer holidays in the Kresna Gorge

We are kicking off the summer holidays with lots of different adventures during our rafting camps for kids. Prepare for boating, rafting, kayaking, a rope garden and climbing wall, hiking, table tennis, archery, visiting waterfalls, swimming in mineral baths and a swimming pool, organizing a tent camp, a first aid lecture with the assistance of the Bulgarian Red Cross, interesting guided tours, visiting interesting villages, learning about conservation projects.

price: 435 BGN / child

Dates for summer camps 2024


24.06.2024 – 29.06.2024


01.07.2024 – 06.07.2024

08.07.2024 – 13.07.2024

15.07.2024 – 20.07.2024

22.07.2024 – 27.07.2024

29.07.2024 – 03.08.2024


05.08.2024 – 10.08.2024

12.08.2024 – 17.08.2024

19.08.2024 – 24.08.2024

26.08.2024 – 31.08.2024


Accommodation in a tented camp at the Adventurer Net Rafting Base. The base has showers, toilets, and a mini-bar with food and drinks.


Included transport by minibus Sofia – Rafting base Adventurer Net – Sofia, as well as to all attractions in the program.

If you wish to bring your child – please inform us so that we can make a discount on the price.


Breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack (fruit) and dinner are provided during the camp. Meals are prepared on site and the menu is varied, with fruit and vegetables included.

Useful information

* The organizers reserve the right to reschedule the program in case of force majeure circumstances beyond their control.

* The price for the camp does not include filming and providing photo material.

What to prepare?

Below you will find a list of essentials that your child should have with them during the camp.

*We recommend that your luggage is in a backpack, not a suitcase.

*When enrolling a child in camp, the parent/guardian confirms that they are familiar with the program.
– Declares his/her child’s willingness to participate in the children’s camp (activities) and agrees to the conditions and activities organized by Adventurer Group;
– Declares his/her consent for the personal data he/she provides to be processed by Adventurer Group Ltd;
– Informs about the child’s health status and special needs;
– Is informed that photos from the camp will be uploaded to our Facebook page.

Who is this camp suitable for?

The minimum age of children - participants in the rafting camp is 7 years. The activities are very suitable for teenagers - even if they have experience in outdoor activities - we will have special tasks for them.

435 BGN/child

Adventure net

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