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Ski and snowboard

There's no such thing as too much snow
Winter services

Ski and snowboard

We have a ski school and a wardrobe at Rila Lakes and Bansko. At each of our bases you will be welcomed with a big smile, tea or coffee. You will be consulted free of charge and advised on equipment, given information about the slopes and if you wish we will assist with buying lift passes, finding suitable places to stay and all kinds of additional activities!

Winter corporate events

Combine your corporate and adventurous spirit with snowy fun and excitement. Late autumn and winter are seasons when companies usually shy away from organizing Team Building programs because let's just say the weather conditions are more challenging.

Winter Team Building is a real alternative to the standard company events you've organised for your team before. We combine a variety of fun activities combined with an adventurous spirit and snow activities.
Ski sport - fun and useful!

One of the best things about skiing is that it's a great workout for your body.

Skiing and snowboarding are one of the best ways to have fun during the winter months of the year. Apart from being enjoyable and relaxing, this activity also brings a lot of benefits and advantages to the physical and mental state of a person