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Rafting every day from March to November
from 10:00, 13:00 or 16:00
Experience the incredible adventure

Rafting on Struma river

Rafting on the rapids of the river Struma is organized every day - from Monday to Sunday, in the months from March to November. On weekends the rafting on the Struma River is held at fixed times: first rafting at 10:00, lunch at 13:00 and the last rafting of the day at 16:00.

On weekdays, if there is interest, we can arrange descents at a convenient time for your group.

Descents start from the Adventurer Net rafting campsite, with no transfers or waiting. At the finish of the run, instant transport is provided for all participants back to base. The latest equipment will be provided dry before you enter the river.
What we offer

Explore our current programmes


Standard rafting

70 BGN/person

price includes:

Price excludes:

*These options can be made available to you upon prior request and additional charge

Additional options


Full-day rafting

130 BGN per person ( mandatory condition for the program is a minimum of 5 participants.)


9:30am-9:45am. Arrival and meeting at Adventure Camp rafting base. Short break and time for coffee.

10:00ч. Meet the team. Introductory briefing, gearing up, basic briefing, splitting up by boats, conducting rafting descent to the town. Rafting training. The descent includes additional attractions such as jumping off the rocks, jumping from the boats, turning the boat if the crew wishes.

12:30 – 13:00. Picnic lunch on a meadow located in the middle of the route. Lunch is included in the price and consists of: steak(pork or chicken), seasonal salad, bread, drink – water/juice or beer of choice.

15:00 – Pick up at Adventurer Net rafting camp.

Additional options

Halfway along the trail there is an opportunity to hike to the Sheitan Gorge waterfalls (mini canyoning). Easy walk through the forest with the instructors, along the river Oshava, a tributary of the Struma River, and reach the Sheitan Dere area. There are short crossings of the river and you reach the eddy and waterfalls of Sheitan dere. There is possibility of jumping for the more courageous, and the rest can swim or rest on the stone beach and enjoy the beauty of the falls.

Price includes:


Family rafting

110 BGN per parent and child / for children from 5 to 12 years old - 40 BGN, price for adults - 70 BGN.


The actual descent or stay in the water is about 1 hour and 30 minutes. The trail starts directly from the Adventurer Net base, and the return is done with vans waiting for the boats at the end.

The entire program is 3 hours, and includes instruction, outfitting and the rafting descent.

Price includes:

Price excludes:

*These options can be made available to you upon prior request and additional charge


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Избери приключение, въведи кода му по време на резервацията и следвай стъпките, за да резервираш.
Може да се наложи да доплатиш в процеса.

Paddle with us in the turbulent waters of the Struma

Experience the adventure with the first rafting club in Bulgaria! Adventure Net is the first and only International Rafting Federation licensed tour operator in Bulgaria. This guarantees the ultimate fun experience without compromising safety.
adventure net

Why choose us

We offer a wide range of rafting experiences suitable for all skill levels. Trust the professionals and go with the flow of strong emotions! Choose the most suitable event for you in Bulgaria or abroad. The choice of experienced guides gives you the opportunity to experience the full palette of emotions. At Adventurer Net, we offer exclusive experiences with instructors and guides who have extensive experience on the rivers you will be sailing. Our instructors are experienced and qualified and our equipment is of the highest quality.

Who is rafting suitable for?

This is one of the fastest growing extreme water sports with a high dose of adrenaline and fun emotions. You don't have to be a professional athlete to try this unique sport. Young and old, experienced and beginners - boating provides you with an unforgettable adventure. It is accessible to everyone: no prior training and no personal equipment are needed to enjoy it.
Years of experience

Licensed guides

Certified instructors and trip leaders for raft boat guides in fast waters by the International Rafting Federation

Transport provided

At the very end of the rafting route you will find transport provided by us for all participants without unnecessary waiting.

Own base

Own rafting base on the Struma River with climbing wall, rope garden, bar, kitchen, parking, changing room, shower and toilet.

Rafting equipment

Professional rafting equipment - provided clean, disinfected and dry before entering the waters of the Struma River.

Experience the incredible adventure

Rafting in Bulgaria

България, с богатството си от планини и реки, предлага невероятни възможности за спортен и любителски рафтинг, които не се ограничават само до шеметните спускания по бурни води. Рафтингът е един от най-популярните и масови екстремни спортове в България. Той обединява природата и адреналина в едно. Той е идеален за всички, които търсят комбинация от предизвикателство и наслада от природата. С удоволствие ви представяме магията на рафтинга в България.
What to expect on the spot

Sample program


We will be happy to welcome you in our base – rafting campsite Adventure Net (130 km from Sofia and 40 km from Bansko)! You will have the opportunity to enjoy the freshness of the pine forest, and from our bar you can choose a drink suitable for the season. You will meet the team of rafting guides who will take care of your good mood and unforgettable adventure!


An introductory briefing on rafting equipment and outfitting follows. Equipment includes a neoprene suit, helmet, life jacket, paddle and neoprene boots. After the equipment check is the basic briefing on how to paddle, the commands given by the guides, behaviour in the boat and safety rules when paddling and splitting up by boat. The racks have a capacity of 4, 6 or 8 places depending on the size of the group and the boat itself.

Actual rafting

The actual descent or stay in the water is about 1 hour and 30 minutes. The trail starts directly from the Adventurer Net base, and the return is done with vans waiting for the boats at the end.

The entire program is 3 hours, and includes instruction, outfitting and the rafting descent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about the programme and the conditions? Take a look at the frequently asked questions and find the answers you are looking for.

The minimum age to join our rafting trips is usually 11 years, but this can vary depending on the specific river and conditions. Each participant must be physically fit and able to follow the instructions of the boat guides.

It is advisable to wear a swimsuit and a T-shirt with a UV factor. On site at the campsite we will provide you with enclosed aqua rock shoes, helmet, life jacket and optional neoprene suit. Be sure to cover up well with a high factor sunscreen.

Before the start of the rafting, our team will instruct you on the safety rules. You will learn how to stay steady in the boat, how to use the paddles and handle the waves, what to do if you fall in the water. Then you’ll be ready for the adventure.

The length of the descent can vary depending on the river, season and route chosen. The Struma float usually takes about 3 hours.

We provide everything you need as rafting equipment including life jackets, helmets, boats and paddles. Basic equipment is our concern, you are asked to relax and enjoy.

The easiest way is by using the “Book Now” button and filling in the booking form. A member of staff will then contact you to approve your booking and provide details. You can contact our team via phone or email.

Preparation before rafting descent

Preparation before boating is essential. We will provide you with all necessary instructions and equipment. Come with a desire for adventure and we will take care of the rest.

Here are some tips:

Sturma river

Rafting track

Bulgaria boasts some of the best rafting routes in the region. The Struma, Iskar and Arda rivers are suitable for rafting in Bulgaria.

Rafting on the Struma takes place in the Kresna Gorge, with the route itself being 12km long - the most optimal route possible, passing through the most beautiful rapids.

The main route is class 3 on the IRF's International Six Point Difficulty Scale. In addition, there is an easy class 2 course on the International Six Point Difficulty Scale, which is done at high water or by special request.

When choosing a route safety is our priority

These rivers offer different levels of difficulty, from beginner to advanced. Adventurer Net guarantees a variety of water challenges, from calm, slow-paced rivers to adrenaline rushes that will have you breathing fast.

Rafting down the Struma River is one of the most popular rafting adventures in Bulgaria. The river offers a variety of rapids as well as beautiful natural scenery.

Our camp

At the very beginning of the Kresna Gorge, along the Struma River, awaits you rafting campsite Adventure Net! (130 km from Sofia and 40 km from Bansko) Here you will enjoy a cozy and home-cooked cuisine, a coffee bar located on the very bank of the river. The sound of the rapids and the noise of the river will make your holiday and rafting descent the most relaxing and energizing experience, away from the busy everyday life!

Meet our instructors

The instructors at Adventurer Net are experienced and qualified. They have years of rafting experience and have undergone specialized training. We guarantee you will be in good hands throughout your adventure.


There's no better way to learn what to expect from us than through our customer reviews. Read their reviews and make sure you choose the best adventure on the water with Adventurer Net.


    70 BGN/person

    adventure net

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    Adventure Net organizes daily descents on Struma, and there are seasonal rafting offers for Iskar and Arda. The Tara River in Bosnia and Herzegovina is our other exciting proposition. These rivers offer different levels of difficulty, from beginner to advanced. Adventure Net guarantees a variety of water challenges - from calm rivers with a slow pace to adrenaline that makes you breathe faster. Combine nature and adrenaline by choosing rafting with Adventure Net. Do not miss the opportunity for an unforgettable adventure on the rivers in Bulgaria or abroad!