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Creative Teambuilding

Creative teambuilding programs and games from Adventurer Net
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Prepare your comfortable clothes and mood for lots of fun!

Creative team building would be a great fit if you prefer not to include physical activities for your team. With innovative approaches we aim to bring the team together, provoke logical and creative thinking, and reveal leadership qualities. And last but not least a fun and enjoyable experience.
Some professions are not directly tied to creativity or artistry, but feel free to apply similar methods in any field. This kind of team building definitely pushes participants to share more ideas, knowledge, unconventional solutions.


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Food Van – Divided into teams, your employees will create a look for their one-of-a-kind and unique food van. They will develop their own marketing, menu, pricing policy and uniforms.

At the end, everyone will present their creation and enjoy the prepared food.

Bolid challenge – Each team will be tasked with finding the relevant elements, building their own car, driving it through an obstacle course and competing in the final against the other teams. The car is life-size, single-seater.

Film production – Each colleague will be able to act as a screenwriter, director, cinematographer, costume designer and actor. All together you will have the opportunity to choose what to realize. A short film, an advertisement, a fairy tale or the filming of a short film “What could the future of your company look like”.

Communication-Creative – The main goal of the game is to recreate a predetermined image through communication under certain conditions. In a certain time, the teams have to recreate the image. At the end of the game, everyone will see what the prototype was and how well they managed to recreate it, through limited communication, following the rules set in this team building game.

Fun Party Theater – In this fun program, each team will be given an individual task to create sets, scenarios and perform a play. Themes and plays can be comedic, imitative, set on various topics related to the daily life of the group, etc. Logic tasks can be included to help the team prepare.

No prior preparation is required for creative team building. It is important that participants are dressed comfortably and in the mood for lots of fun.

For other teambuilding programs, you can browse here or contact us to prepare a proposal according to your criteria.

This type of programme can be organised at any time of the year. It is a challenge for our team to use the potential of each season, such as themes, materials or holidays in that month. During the cooler months of the year it can be indoors, choosing an interesting space depending on the theme. It could also be arranged in an appropriate format for your company Christmas party for example.

There is no limit to the choice of venue, the important thing is to have enough space relative to the number of people.

Do not hesitate to let us know your ideas so we can find a suitable and interesting venue.

The duration of the creative teambuilding is completely up to you. The minimum duration that we believe would make an impact for your team is within 1.5 – 2 hours.

An evening short program can be included, where each team can relive the emotions of the past day in a fun way.

There is no limit to the number of participants. We can prepare programs for a large event (500 people, for example) or for compact groups of about 10 people.

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