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Our history

Who are Adventure Net?

Rafting on the Struma River

Adventurer Net is a pioneer and leading company for adventure rafting, kayaking, trekking and biking, team building projects and kids camps.
Adventure Net

When we appeared

Founded in 2001 by a group of young enthusiasts passionate about adventure and nature, our main mission remains to promote active recreation, extreme sports and Bulgaria as a desirable destination. We believe that positive emotions and good mood are the foundation of health - that's how our story began.

Our History

Our history began in 2002, when in May, the Adventurer Net Club organized the first commercial rafting trip in Bulgaria on the Struma River, in the area of the Kresna Gorge. Then only two descents with six-seater boats, military type, were realized. In the following year, the rafting trips took place every weekend and the season lasted for two months, with the event being covered by the media. In 2004, the season lasted three months, and the launches were now conducted with professional rafting boats and equipment. From 2005 to 2018, each season starts with an official opening in the presence of many friends, tourists and media.
Years experience
Experience the incredible adventure

Why are we doing this?

During our humble existence on this planet, we somehow developed quite deep feelings for this little piece of land we call Bulgaria. We have visited the places where we organize our adventures numerous times, and we believe that if you visit them you will understand why we fell in love with the unique nature and culture of Bulgaria. We hope that your adventure with us, you will understand our dedication and passion for what we do, and visit us again.
It's important to protect nature together!

Eco-regatta "Clean Struma"

Every year Adventures Net organizes an unconventional, crazy garbage cleanup in the Struma River with rafting boats and kayaks. Our desire is to bring back the pleasant natural scenery at the mouth of the river. Struma in the Kresna Gorge region, known for its continental Mediterranean climate and high concentration of plant and animal species! We reward everyone who participates in the rafting with a free rafting trip.