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White Water Week 5-11 April 2021

White Water Week 2021 5-11 April

Rescue 3 Whitewater Rescue Technician (Pro) 5-7 April

Guide Training workshop & assessment  RG TL SK    8-10 April

Dates: 05th – 10th of April 2021

Location: Struma river, Kresna Gorge, Simitly-Kresna, Bulgaria, Rafting camp Adventure net.INSTRUCTOR:
Alejandro C. Giordano, Mexico – IRF Raft and SK instructor level 4, Advanced Whitewater & Swiftwater Rescue 3 Instructor.

Local organizer: www.adventurenetbg.com, office@adventurenetbg.com


Rescue 3 Europe
Whitewater Rescue Technician (WRT-Pro)

Dates: 5th-7th of April 2021 Duration: 3 days + night drill

3 days of intense whitewater training for river professionals.


Price: 260 euro per person (min 6 persons).

Rescue 3 registration & teaching pack included.

All candidates should be up to 18 years old with whitewater experience (raft guides, safety kayakers, canyoning guides, etc.)


IRF workshop & Assessment
Raft-guide, Trip leader or Safety Kayak

Dates: 8th – 10th of April 2021                    Duration: 3 days


During the workshop you’ll get the opportunity to train and to be assessed as either Raft guide, Trip leader or Safety Kayak


Price: 160 euro per person (min 6 person).

*IRF Administration fees are not included.

All candidates will need to provide EVENTUALLY a full valid first aid certificate including CPR. All candidates will also need to provide up to date logbook or experience letter.


Rescue 3 + IRF
Guide & Trip Leader workshop

Dates :  5th – 10th  of April 2021                 Duration: 6 days


Intensive 6-day course that will give you the opportunity to gain some excellent training & experience.

Price: 410 euro per person.

All candidates will need to provide a full valid first aid certificate including CPR. All candidates will also need to provide up to date logbook or experience letter.

IRF assessment (exam only)

Date: 09th – 10th April 2021 Duration: 2 days Assessment for raft guides, TL and Safety Kayakers on the last 2 days of the workshop. (candidates should assist both days) Price: 100 euro per person.

Detailed program will be announced soon. An additional tax of 10 euro should be paid on spot for logistic costs.

The cost does not include the following; · Travel to & from Adventure net rafting centre. · Food & Accommodation (available through Adventure net rafting centre). · IRF Admin fees. · Personal travel & medical insurance.

Each participant should have: – First aid certification or can be taken later on before the IRF certification expires.
-Mandatory personal equipment (helmet, life vest with rescue harness, throw bag, river knife, 3 carabiners, 2 pulleys, 2 prussiks and flip-line). *If you need any equipment, we can provide it upon request. *You do not need to have your First Aids valid before your IRF assessment, but your certification will not be valid until your present your valid First Aid Certification.

Registration and Payment should be made in advance: office@adventurenetbg.com


Whitewater Rescue Technician – Professional (WRT-PRO) course. Designed for professional river users who require a rescue capability in a whitewater environment, eg. raft guides, safety kayakers, canyoning. Recreational paddlers should take the WRT-REC course.

International Rafting Federation Fee

In order to be included in the IRF’s guide database and to receive an IRF certification, each participant must pay their own registration fee to the IRF. Guides: 40$, TL 70$, SK 40$.



Your certification card will be sent to your email. You must provide to your Instructor the following:

  • A digital passport style photograph
  • Your date of birth
  • A current Red Cross first aid certificate (FAC) or equivalent with Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).
  • Log book recording each run or a proving letter, signed by the Trip Leader or Operations Manager of the Company.
Accommodation & Food:

Tents & cabins in Adventure Net rafting base camp. Local hotels and family houses in the nearby area. If you need reservation or some other equipment – please contact us. Dining options in the region – at the Adventure Net camp, local restaurants nearby, or self-catering in Kresna and Simitly shops.

Changes in the program are possible depending on weather and other unforeseeable events for which all participants will be informed accordingly.

Contact: office@adventurenetbg.com Emilia Begunova Phone: +359 888889371, office: +359(02) 9446765


*** You are welcome on the WhiteWaterWeek 5-11.04.2021 events and official party ceremony 20 years Adventure net on 10 April 2021. Detailed info is coming soon!

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